It is my deep, dark pleasure to announce the annual Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour! This is my "treat" to you all, a special way to celebrate my favorite season, share some exceptional art by artists I personally admire and raise money for animal charities. With this blog, I hope to keep you up-to-date with proceedings and progress as we approach the yearly "launch" on October 1st!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hallowe'en Ladies

Years ago, on my first visit to Guelph, I saw the cutest little print of a pup in a witch's hat. I wrote down the name of the artist... and have been following Paulina Cassidy's work ever since! Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that Paulina will be joining us, with her whimsical, quirky, magical prints and perhaps a few naughty faeries! Paulina has so many wonderful witches and pumpkin people and bats and... truly an artist who enjoys Hallowe'en! If you can't wait, see her "Restless Moon Gallery" at .

In the Teddy world, Sue Burgan and her
"Victorian Fantasy" dressed bears have done a lot to put Canadian bears on the map. With undeniable style and elegance, Sue's bears are dressed to perfection and... she's on the tour! While she was at first a bit hesitant (for she already has a very full plate this fall), I am honoured that she'll be presenting some of her work for all of you, what a treat! No website to tease you with yet, but she can be reached at .

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