It is my deep, dark pleasure to announce the annual Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour! This is my "treat" to you all, a special way to celebrate my favorite season, share some exceptional art by artists I personally admire and raise money for animal charities. With this blog, I hope to keep you up-to-date with proceedings and progress as we approach the yearly "launch" on October 1st!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Too good to eat!

Has someone ever done something so nice for you, so utterly unexpected, that it makes you pause and wonder?  Like maybe wishing for a zombie apocalypse wouldn't be such a good thing? Perhaps, just perhaps there's hope for humankind after all?   I had such a moment this week, when I received in the mail a small packet.  Inside the packet were a number of tasty morsels but none compares to this incredible gift:  a postcard featuring a Krampus cookie being eaten by 2 rats!  (Okay, maybe you think they are mice but I know they're rats!)  

Wow!  Since I recently "discovered" Krampus (thanks again Eric!) I have been in love with him!  And you know I love rats!  So perhaps you can imagine how happy this card makes me!  (I also love baking cookies, so there!)  
Here's a closeup of the rats.

Thank you, Rose, from the very bottom of my inky, pessimistic heart to the very tips of my imagination and inspiration!  You are a wonder!
I hope to make you feel at least a bit of this happy very soon!

And thank you to the Hallowe'en Queen herself, Pamela Apkarian-Russell, for guiding this card into Rose's hands.  It couldn't be appreciated more!

This post is also on my clawscratches blog but the Hallowe'en nature of it made me think it also belongs here.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Your turn!

Dear Hallowe'en Artists,
  It's been a real treat getting to "meet" all of the new artists who have joined our Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat and hearing encouraging words from artists who have signed on for a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th year! Your enthusiasm means a lot to me, thank you!
  Please note that your donation of $28 is due June 15th... I know, I know I hate this part too but this is how we help save bats! So please send in your $28 to either Bat World Sanctuary or Bat Conservation International. Remember that your placement on the trick or treat map is set when I receive word that you've paid, so why delay? Besides, the only part about hosting this tour that I realy, really dislike is having to remind you to pay, so please get it over with! If you need to review the guidelines, please see
  And if you do it now you can help either charity win $25 000! Yes, there's a contest ending May 14th and both Bat World and BCI are in the running for the three prices! Would it not be amazing if your donation helped them win? Imagine what $25 000 means to these organizations, and the bats they help!
  So please use  to select Bat World or  to help Bat Conservation International and simply forward to me the e-receipt so I can mark you off as paid!
  If you haven't yet joined the tour but would like to, please email me and I'll answer any questions you may have.
           Boo to you!