It is my deep, dark pleasure to announce the annual Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour! This is my "treat" to you all, a special way to celebrate my favorite season, share some exceptional art by artists I personally admire and raise money for animal charities. With this blog, I hope to keep you up-to-date with proceedings and progress as we approach the yearly "launch" on October 1st!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Halloween yard!

So I thought it might be fun to post a few videos of my yard from last year. It looked much scarier in the dark but the darker videos just did not do anything justice. 
Enjoy,  Melanie 


  1. I love your yard, Melanie!! Thank you for sharing... how I wish I could trick-or-treat at your place. I'm sure you have lots of appreciative monsters and ghoulies.

  2. Thanks Karen,
    I just picked up 5 new 6' props for this years haunt... very excited but very poor now! lol.

  3. So neat!! Where do you store them all!?! Please film them in action, love to see!