It is my deep, dark pleasure to announce the annual Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour! This is my "treat" to you all, a special way to celebrate my favorite season, share some exceptional art by artists I personally admire and raise money for animal charities. With this blog, I hope to keep you up-to-date with proceedings and progress as we approach the yearly "launch" on October 1st!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog it!

Two bits of news!  First off, the tour will be opening a few days early:

Secondly, if you can not create a webpage, we've thought up an alternative:  using your blog!


Since each blog post has a unique address, I could link to a specific post on your blog.

If using a blog, please include the following:

Title of the blog post:  My " studio" on the Halloween trick or treat tour

Top of the post should read something likeI’m taking part in the Online Hallowe’en Artists’ Studio Trick or Treat (include the tour’s button) and here are my offerings for the tour with 20% (or more as you've decided) of all my sales going to my favorite animal charity:  ________________.

And at the bottom of the post it should say:  Now go back to the tour map by clicking here.   with a link to

Your post can be created in advance and saved as draft and then “published” on Sept. 27th (Friday) for the Culture Days preview.
Remember to include an email, shipping info, payment options and all other necessary details so our trick or treaters can contact and buy from you easily!

The rest of the artist guidelines are at so please do take a look and see if you can participate!  I’d love to have you and your art to share with our trick or treaters, of which there were 2071 last year!  Twenty artists have already said yes so I need only 10 more to have a full map.  Take a look at our Facebook page and our Culture Days listing, we’re actively getting the word out there and hope to share the Hallowe’en fun with you!

  If you have any questions, email me!

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