It is my deep, dark pleasure to announce the annual Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour! This is my "treat" to you all, a special way to celebrate my favorite season, share some exceptional art by artists I personally admire and raise money for animal charities. With this blog, I hope to keep you up-to-date with proceedings and progress as we approach the yearly "launch" on October 1st!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The gates are locked...

For another year our tour is over!  Thank you to all who took part:  the artists and collectors who helped make the world a better place for so many animals.  In the end,

Of the 26 participating artists, 12 artists shared 28 sales (noting additionally that musician S.J. Tucker enjoyed download sales generating $600 in donations)
That's pretty incredible!  And we had 1066 unique visitors, the graph shows the highs and lows in traffic from September 27th to November 7th:


Overall, I think we can count the tour a success with $954.60 in donations for our selected animal charities!  Awesome!

Until next year, BOO!

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