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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

International Bat Night August 25-26, 2012

Obviously, this is true of everyone taking part in our tour (or at least everyone really likes bats) so let's get out on August 25th and celebrate International Bat Night!

Yes, it it the Year of the Bat (as declared by the United Nations)!  It's so important to inform everyone how important bats are to the planet's health... and so to our health.  Just think of all the insects that are NOT getting eaten because so many North American bats have died due to White Nose Syndrome.  More bugs means more pesticides, more poisons in our food, water and air... 
So celebrate our bats!  And share your love for these incredible creatures!  How about posting here how many bats you see on Bat Night? 

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  1. We celebrated Bat Night a night early, our last at the Pinery Provincial Park (Grand Bend, Ontario). Overlooking the Ausable River, as the sun sunk below the tree line, we saw 4 bats! By their size, I would say there were 2 species, or perhaps juveniles and adults. Gorgeous to see, so fast in their zipping about and changing direction! Thank you for eating the mosquitoes!